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From Honduras to your Cup

Finca's Coffee represents the passionate coffee growers in our region. We proudly work with our community to grow unique specialty coffees from Honduras, Organic handpicked honoring the principles of environmentally friendly agriculture

Our values are at the core of our work and our commitment to them can be appreciated in everything we do from farm to cup. Finca’s Coffee was  founded with the purpose of facilitating access for artisan roasters and appreciators of specialty coffees to Honduras’ highest quality beans and the people that produce them.


The communities and people involved in coffee growing have historically been exploited and lacked the means, education or access to live in a humane manner. Basic needs like healthcare, clean water, and food security escape the reach of hundreds of thousands of Hondurans that subsist from coffee farming.

We believe that if we want to keep enjoying the product of these farmers’ hard work for years to come, it is imperative that we help them be able to grow with us and share in the fruit of their labors. Through our partnership with non-profit organizations in Honduras, we are able to effectively provide medical services, training, alternative food sources, among other programs to empower these rural communities and improve their standard of living.

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